ORBRAND 品牌赤道(www.orbrand.com )致力于传播品牌创意,分享品牌故事,创造品牌价值,以更具商业价值的眼光,赋予品牌更多成长与发展的机会,我们所关注的一切皆与品牌有关,因为品牌是商业竞争的核心动力。正如我们的名字「品牌赤道」,品牌创造一切可能,品牌蕴涵无限力量。

作为一家从品牌智库起家的数字文化内容平台,如何解释品牌与这个世界的关系是我们创研的核心出发点。因为品牌无时不刻的「入侵」着我们的生活,品牌是全世界的价值希望为更多的人所分享,所以观察、解释和评论它的演进和趋势,是 ORBRAND 品牌赤道最重要的工作。ORBRAND 品牌赤道坚信消费升级是人类整个进程中绕不开的话题,品牌创新与品牌化进程涵盖了人们的物质和精神,影响着社会和文化的变革,品牌创新与品牌化,既是消费现象和商业现象,也是文化现象和心理现象。ORBRAND 品牌赤道的目的就是要将这类有价值的信息解释、传递给普通人,让更多普通人参与品牌进程中来。

We are orbrand (www.orbrand.com).We are committed to the dissemination of brand creativity, share brand storys, create brand value, with more business value of the vision, giving the brand more growth and development opportunities, we are concerned about everything about brand, because the brand is the core of business competition power. As our name 「orbrand」, the brand creates everything possible, the brand implies infinite power.

s a brand think tank started from the digital cultural content platform, how to explain the relationship between the brand and the world is our core point of innovation. Because the brand is always “invading” our life, the brand is the value of the world hope for more people to share, so observe, explain and comment on its evolution and trends, is ORBRAND equator the most important work The ORBRAND Equator firmly believe that consumer upgrades are the whole process of human beings around the topic, brand innovation and branding process covers people’s material and spiritual, affecting social and cultural change, brand innovation and branding, both consumer and business Phenomenon, but also cultural phenomena and psychological phenomena. ORBRAND Equatorial purpose is to be such a valuable information to explain, passed to ordinary people, so that more ordinary people involved in the brand process.


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